After Midnight - Santino Hassell

This is going to be a different review. Just because Gordon had that impact on me.

This is how this happened…

26th September 2013
Susan emails me to tell me about this book. I read the blurb and I am like “hell no”. So I tell her in the nicest way that I’ll read it eventually as I don’t really read sci-fy. She says it’s dystopian but she also says it’s very subtle but I don’t read dystopian either. Anyway I one-click. Yes, because I am that coherent and let’s face it, I’m THAT easy.

So a few weeks ago I decided to act like an adult for once and read all those books I keep buying and not reading. I started archiving the ones that I will not read (I mean, I even have PNR books, what the hell is wrong with me?! I hate PNR!!!). The thing is I couldn’t archive After Midnight. It was as if the book had a power over me and my kindle, don’t think I’m crazy because I’m serious now!.

So I never archived it…

19th November 2013
I can’t take my eyes from that stupid book in my kindle. I better start it and get rid of it soon (yes, that was me talking to myself because we all talk to ourselves, stop denying it!). I decide to read it quickly thinking I’ll probably skip some parts so I can just remove the goddamn book. So I start and I realize that ME TENGO QUE METER LA LENGUA EN EL CULO! Nope, don’t even try to translate that. Let’s say I was wrong. I mean, I was hooked from the beginning and I don’t have a coherent reason for you guys. I just LOVED IT, it is like the author made me feel part of that fucked up world and I wanted to be one of them (the one in the middle between G&A to be more accurate!).

I was trying to explain my feelings to my boyfriend yesterday and he was like, “Oh yeah, wonderful. So now you love reading about drug dealers and assassins, how nice”. Whatever, he has no idea! Because this book is MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

So, why am I boring you with this? (Maybe no one is reading this far, how pathetic, right?). Because I want you all to read this book. PLEASE! I seriously started thinking I would not like it and I was sooooo wrong.

This was like watching a movie with an amazing script, fantastic characters and a REAL PLOT. I love romance books but it’s really nice when the authors add a GREAT plot into the story. You’ll fall in love with Gordon, you’ll LUST Adam “Mr Greek” and you’ll be part of this fantastic story.

This book was FUNNY…

"I guess I struck a nerve."
"Suck my cock and choke on it.”


“Why do I let you do this to me?" Adam panted against his face, damp and warm, and heartbeat racing in his chest. "How do you ruin me like this?”

And this book had a few lessons for all of us…

“So, anyways, you’re bi then.”
“Do I really need a label?”

I am finishing, I promise!

If you guys want to give this a try but your budget for this month is non-existent pls PM me and I’ll gift 2 copies to the first two people who email me. I just need you guys to read it and review it (1 sentence counts as a review!) in 2 weeks max.

Santino, guapo, you have a new stalker FAN ;)

P.S. Many thanks Susan for your great rec.