Double Full - Kindle Alexander



Football player Colt and cheer boy Jace share a night of passion. This is how this book starts. Yes, you guys know me and you know I hate kissing before 25% mark not to mention having sex at the very beginning of a book but for some reason this book worked for me!


So after one night of passion Jace has some kind of hope that this ‘thing’ with Colt might be something especial. What happens with Colt? Was this just a one night stand for him? Colt is inside the closet and he’s not even thinking about coming out, is he?


They spend a few days in paradise but something happens and they are forced apart with two broken hearts.


Ten long years later Colt is a football star with a not very easy life and Jace got almost all he ever wanted, he owns the largest cheerleading gym in the world but he still misses Colt…


He was the man who in five short days set the bar too high for anyone else to ever live up to


So what happens when they both realize that after ten years they are not able to fall in love again? What happens now that fate brings them back together?


If you want to find out, go buy this book right now because IT’S LIVE!!!



This is my first book from this author but it won’t be the last, I can tell. The story had it all in my opinion:


*A great love story (ok, they fell in love too quickly for my taste the first time they got together but I still connected with the characters and their feelings)


*Hot sex, hell yeah!


*Not silly characters. I mean, there was just the right amount of misunderstandings but especially Jace was sooooo perfect!


*Just a few editing issues that didn’t bother me at all


*Some mystery that will leave you wanting to know more (I NEED BOOK 2 LIKE YESTERDAY)


And NO! I wouldn’t say this is a cliffy at all, you’ll get all you need ;)


I am really hoping we have a story for MITCH, LOVE YOU!!!



*ARC received from author for an honest review*

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