Winter Heat: Erotic Stories to Warm Your Life - Sara York, A.J. Llewellyn, Serena Yates, T.A. Webb, Julie Lynn Hayes, C.R. Guiliano, Patricia Logan, Ike Rose, Donya Lynne, Kimber Kahn, Daniel B. Johns



Ok, yeah, I might have a crush on an author, I admit it. Everything he writes is just MUSIC TO MY EARS! You know when you hear a song on the radio and you think 'wow, this seems to be for me'? Yeah, I have the same feeling every time I read a book written by Tom. And he did it again, in just a few pages. He made me cry, he made me think, he made me call my best friends to tell them that I love them and no matter how far we are now, we will always be together.

Ok, just let me tell you that Tom will teach you something in every book. Something you might know already but you don't put in practice. And he makes you want to change things.

This is the story of three best friends: Gary, Harley & Jim. They met in college and they are inseparable for a few years until eventually they all make their own lives. Jim & Gary left the house they shared with Harley because they found a better work elsewhere. I guess that's what happens all the time. I always wish I could go back to my high school time with my best friends and we were always saying that one day everything would change and we wouldn't see each other so often and that's life, I guess.

I am sorry because I am probably not making sense but this story reminded me of my past life, somehow...

Gary meets Liz (I seriously could cut a bitch right now) and they make their own family and Jim cannot find the right man to settle his life with. Harley is still in town helping children in foster care.

I must say I seriously don't understand and kinda HATE those women who doesn't like their husbands to have gay friends. I mean, SERIOUSLY??? You should be happy that your husband is blessed with a GREAT friend and you don't have to complain whether they are handsy or not, that is NOT your problem, bitch!

Something happens and their lives will change FOREVER.


Because you know there were always more and more kids he had to save

Jim realizes he should have spend more time with his friends but I guess we are always busy to call and say 'hey, just so you know I love you' and things like that.

"God. Why wouldn't we all have just stayed here forever? The best days of my life were with you two"

It's incredible how Tom does it. In just a few pages you connect with the characters, you feel they are your friends and you feel part of their story. You want to talk to them, to hug them, to tell them everything is gonna be ok.

I felt the tiredness that came from wishing the past could be changed

But you can't change the past. In my opinion, mainly because the past doesn't exist. The only real thing is the NOW so you better live it and cherish every single moment so you don't have to regret anything.

If only... two of the saddest words in the world. If only...

And because I learned something, I called my best friends from high school today and told them how much I love them. We only see each other every 2 months, mainly because my best friend is in the UK now but it doesn't matter, because we're like sisters and we are always together somehow.

I am very happy I read this one because it made me stop and think. It made me react and that's great. And I know this is a review and I shouldn't turn this into something personal but I can't help it, I must say my high school time was one of the best times of my life and looking at pics like this one make me smile :)