Damaged Goods - Lauren Gallagher


Jocelyn & Austin are Damaged Goods. She's a divorced mom of two in her thirties and he's a escort in his late twenties.

Jocelyn hates dating and all that boring stuff that precedes a one night stand so she decides to follow her friend's advice and hires a escort. Enter Sabian, hot and tattooed and a sex machine. He worth every single penny she is paying for him and he makes her feel desired.

Even if she didn't plan to see him more than once, she just can't help it and she keeps hiring him but their feelings get more and more intense every time they meet.

And so... they cross a line.

It was much too soon to know what was happening between us, but much too late to deny that it was. This wasn't business anymore

But guess what? Being with a escort is not that easy, right? I admire Jocelyn, I mean, I could NOT do that, hell to the no! Insecurities will eat me alive, NOP!

I must admit I had one tiny issue: They're together for one year while he's still a escort. I really wanted him to quit earlier. I mean, he says he loves her, why is he not trying to get another job? I know, I am talking like a granny here but honestly I just couldn't do it.

In general, I really enjoyed this book and will highly recommend you guys to read it. I loved the characters (apart from that tiny issue with Austin). Specially Jocelyn, I think this is the first time I don't find a heroine a little bit annoying.

This book taught me that there is always hope for love even if you think you're Damaged Goods.


P.S. I do NOT like the cover, at all! Thanks God I am not a cover whore...