Breathe Me In  (Ross Siblings, #2.5) - Cherrie Lynn


This is how you write a prequel!!! SI!!! ME GUSTA!


Amig@s, do you remember Ghost? Yeah, Brian's friend. That's the one. That guy who got a book called [b:Leave Me Breathless|15748335|Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings, #3)|Cherrie Lynn||21440678]. Oh yeah you all loved Brian but guess what? I liked Ghost way more!

You all know by now that I HATE SEQUELS AFTER HEAs, they are so bloody BORING! Buy guess what? I love PREQUELS! And this one, boy this shit was GOOD!

Macy aka KILLJOY is Candace's best friend but she's trying to sell herself as a very boring and conventional person. Then she meets Ghost and even though he's not her cuppa AT ALL she feels attracted by him. DUH! I am attracted to him too.

Let me tell you a personal story. My mama always tells me to go out with clean underwear as if I wouldn't do it if she didn't tell me! Anyway, I now understand why she used to tell me that... Because one day I can go out to buy dinner and I can find Ghost and then I might or might not go to his car to have *cough* dirty sex *cough*. I am gonna call my mum to say THANKS for that advice, she's a naughty mum, huh?

Oh well, back to the book... You are going to read about what happened BEFORE Leave Me Breathless and someone might take your breath away so be aware.

It's a very short read and you are soooo gonna love it!