Epilogue: The Dark Duet (The Dark Duet, #2.5) - C.J. Roberts
Love does not always begin or end the way we wish it would.
A love story can happen to anyone. This one happened to me


I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve said The Dark Duet is one of my all time fave series and I’ll keep recommending this series to everyone but in all fairness, this book was not as good as Seduced in the Dark. Then I have to give credit to C.J. because she had a difficult job to do.


I’ve read all the reviews from my buddies and they did a kick ass job so let’s keep this short and nice.

The first 40/45% of Epilogue was clearly a 5 stars book for me. I wanted to know what happened when Caleb & Livvie saw each other at the Paseo and I liked the way Livvie handled things. She was not an innocent girl anymore, not after what she has been through. Then, things sweetened up a little bit and I was kind of bored for moments.

I don’t want you guys to take this wrong, C.J. writing style is still music to my ears but the story was not what I was expecting in the second half of the book. I guess I wanted an Epilogue but this was more of a sequel for me and I have issues with sequels after HEAs but this is MY ISSUE so it’s me the one with the problem. The book is totally fine, just not for me.

Someone once told me you shouldn’t let vendettas run your life

The book starts right after Livvie meets Caleb at the Paseo. I was a crying mess when reading that at the end of SITD and I was really looking forward to that moment again when I started Epilogue. It didn’t disappoint, it was great and real. I mean, we cannot expect Livvie to do not ask questions or to trust him no matter what. I like real things, I like real heroines and I loved that part.

But then as the story goes on and things start to ‘settle’ between them I am not sure this is Caleb we are talking about. I mean, MY Caleb from The Dark Duet. And I know he’s obviously changed and all but he was sooooo cheesy sometimes. I don’t like cheesy Caleb.

Happiness is terrifying


So overall I enjoyed some parts but I didn’t enjoyed another parts. I am happy I read this one anyway because as I said, I loved the first half of the book and also that part around 60% when they speak about her book, that was very emotional .

This being said, I will be reading Agent Reed book, I actually can’t wait for it. I know C.J. can deliver what we are expecting. This is how I am picturing him right now.


Ladies, you can spank me now for not giving this 5 stars, can't wait! You all know how much I love a good spanking...