The Island - Lisa Henry


The Island is not an easy book to review. I don't even think it's an easy book to read but it's definitely a MUST READ. I know you guys might read the blurb and think this is way out of your comfort zone but if you give it a try, you'll understand what I am talking about.

Shaw is one of the bad guys, he works with some not-so-legal stuff. He’s in the middle of one important job when he meets ‘green eyes’. His world is about to change and he doesn’t even know it.

What would you do if you have been fighting for years to get where you are now and your conscience is playing games with you? What if we add your heart to the equation?


Green Eyes is just a guy who was in a bad place in a bad moment. And now, he’s no one. He’s just a thing, a toy.

What would you do if one day you have a perfect life and 1 minute later everything is turned upside down? How do you survive when you’re a slave and you’re just waiting for someone to kill you? Do you have hope or do you just pray for this to be over soon?

Hold on to hope. Count down the sand dollars, pass the time, wait and see.


Thanks Vio for your rec & Thanks Amaia for our BR.