Time's Forbidden Flower (Forbidden Flower, #2) - Diane Rinella

The past is a mirror to the future that cannot be shattered.


Time's Forbidden Flower is the second installment on Lily's & Donovan story. It's really hard to review this one without spoilers so I'll be very vague because I want all of you to give this series a try and I want you to go blind.

This is a love story, a special one because Lily & Donovan's love is Forbidden. Why you ask? Because they're siblings which in our society is a huge taboo, isn't it?


Diane's writing style is exquisite. So easy to read, like words are just floating in the air and you can't stop feeling what the characters are experiencing.

***Don't read from this point if you haven't read book #1***

"Basically, every song is our song"

So Donovan & Lily are living very close again and what do they say? Oh yeah, where there was fire ashes remain...

They now have their lives, their responsibilities and another significant ones to look after but when your soul belongs to someone else, you can't look pass that fact, can you?

"I'll never be in love with anyone the way I am with you"

But, is love enough to fight all demons and be together no matter what? Even when you have a family and you need to explain them you're in love with your brother?

But what happens when you discover something that proves that this love will last forever? And when I say forever, I mean forever soul mates love and all

In my opinion, this was a very well written end for their story. I wish they could have been together sooner but I understand their love was not an easy one. I loved the journey, Diane!

Lily and Donovan will always have a place in my heart!

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