The Mistress Files - Tiffany Reisz
FIVE I-want-Nora-Sutherlin STARS!!!


Ok guys, let me start this review asking you for something…

Yes, I need punishment because I sinned. Why did I sin? Oh well, because I am a Sinner and because I enjoyed this book way too much. Candace told us in her review she had one orgasm per chapter. What a loser, isn’t she? I mean, just one? Seriously, PIP? You disappoint me, pet!

‘The Mistress Files’ tells us some stories about our Mistress Nora Sutherlin and some of her Doms/Subs.

When someone paid for her best she did her worst

I can’t tell you about my favourite story because I loved them all, they all had something special, they all taught me something.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you need. You just know what you have is not enough to get what you want so you need to explore and see what you need to enjoy your sexual life.

And the way Tiffany/Nora wrote those stories… Oh boy, you’re gonna LOVE IT! I have a tip for you: read this ALONE, you are gonna need some privacy.

Well done Mistress!

And then sometimes… You might know what you want but you might want to deny it because you think our boring society won’t accept it, right?

So, guess what?

And I don’t care what you think about that because we should choose what we want in our lives, right?


By the way, Martin got a new key ring. Nice, huh?

GO. READ. THIS. BOOK. NOW!!! I beg you guys and you know who much I love begging!