A Matter of Time Book 1 - Mary Calmes

I didn't want to need him


What can I say about this book? Let's do this short & sweet. I barely read on weekends so I thought why not start this one because it wasn't that long. Heather (my fave dentist EVAH) told me it was a freebie so I got my copy and guess what? Book 2 was also included so yeah, I am hooked and almost finishing book 2 now.

Ok, onto the review now.

Jory is a young guy who witness a murder.

Detective *ASSHOLE/TE ODIO* Sam Kage is a STRAIGHT detective who is working on Jory's case.

That's the premise of the book. The thing is Jory is not stupid and he doesn't want anyone taking care of him but he's not expecting Detective Kage to be that hot and "special".

They share more than a witness/detective relationship but things might get complicated for them.

"Keeping secrets is a killer and guilt is even worse"

This book wasn't amazing, there were a few things I didn't like but still I couldn't put it down for reasons unknown as my Brandon Flowers would say.

The only thing I know is I had to start book 2 and now I am biting my nails while I finish book 2 because I can't freaking wait for book 3 so that's why I gave this one 3.5 (rounded up) stars, because this series is unputdownable and very well written.