Sempre - J.M. Darhower WOW! I don't really know how to start this review... I hate doing reviews but sometimes I can't help it. When you read a book like Sempre it is impossible not to write your feelings.

To be honest, I thought it was slow at the beginning but guys, trust me, it is the perfect pace. The book kept surprising me with things I didn't see coming at all.

Carmine is one of the best heroes I have met(OMG, did I just say met? As in real life? I need help!). He is the bad guy who apparently is cold, with no feelings but he can't help it when he meets Haven... I couldn't help it either because Haven is by far the best heroine in a book. After all she has been through, she is strong, she never complains and I understand when she loses it with Carmine a couple times (come on,you guys know what I am talking about and we would all react the same way).

Vincent was... ok, Rosalinda is blushing now... I LOVE HIM, he is just like Carmine, they have suffered the same way and he is a great father and that last conversation with Haven, OMG, could not stop crying! He is a great character and I understand all he does (even if he is not fair with Haven at the beginning, we all know why).

And what about Nicholas? He has also been one of my favorite characters... he reminded me of my father, he was always making stupid jokes to me all the time and I am 30 and I am still doing the same to everyone, even when my boyfriend looks at me with his she-is-totally-crazy face. This is for you Nicholas, I wish I could meet a character like you in another book, you were great!

"What did the doctor say when the invisible man asked for an appointment?"
"I'm not sure. What did the doctor say"
"Sorry, but I can't see you today"

I am glad he also got what he wanted. He said one day he would make her laugh with one of his jokes and she finally likes the last joke when Dom explained to her, she said "I like that one. It's smart"

I think the author managed to make all characters special in a way, even "Number 33":

"He might've taken my life, but he didn't break my spirit. No one did, and no one ever will. Don't let them break you. Don't let them win. You fight the fight. It's the only way to be free "

I need to know more about Corrado, I know he is not the perfect guy but I loved Celia and him together, he was also an intelligent guy:

"Se ami una cosa, lasciala andare"

That's the most important thing when you are in a relationship with someone, if you love something, let it go. It is the only way to know if that person loves you back.

Could someone do bad things, but not be a bad person?

This book was about lots of things but for me it was mostly about love and SACRIFICE. All of them were willing to sacrifice their lifes to save Haven as much as Maura sacrificed hers. It's also about redemption, second chances to get things right... that last Carmine's speech about slavery was AMAZING, I just loved it because it's just the truth.

"Believe there aren't any slaves anymore just because a tall guy in a big ass top hat and a bunch of politicians said so. But I won't believe it, because if I do too, we'll all f*****g be wrong, and someone has to be right"

And just to finish, one of the things I loved the most about this great couple, their "Okay thing"

"How are you today"
"Okay? Is that an, 'Okay, I'm about two seconds away from finding a window to throw myself through, but I'm not gonna tell you that because you'll stop me', or is it an, 'Okay, I'm pretty f******g peachy, Carmine, so stop questioning me?'"

I LOVED this book, thanks Candace :)