The Siren - Tiffany Reisz 10 HUGE STARS!!!

***SPOILERS AHEAD*** Pls do not read this review if you haven't read The Siren. And if this is the case, go and read it now!

Seriously, just 5 stars? You have to be kidding me?! I need more stars, 5 is NOT enough!

Well, let's try to do this in my spanglish... Last summer I was coming from the gym (from Hounslow to Isleworth in my lovely London) and I saw a poster of The Siren on South West Trains saying something like 50 shades darker than Grey (can't remember well). Martin told me to read it so I came to GR and read the blurb and I remember thinking "hell no, this is not for me". I love romance and people said this was not a romance book. Well, let me tell you I think there is sooooo much romance but not conventional romance. Maybe it is not romance, it is LOVE.

Candace told me about this books a week ago and just because I trust her I said, ok, let's give it a try... OMG! What an AMAZING book, it is totally different to anything I have read, I can't even explain my feelings but I love all the story, every single character and I fell in love with Nora. She is the best heroine I have seen in a book. After all those insecure heroines, Nora was just what I needed.

Let's start saying I also loved all the male characters, all of them! Although I feel more connected with Soren (yes, I know, he is a sadist and what???) and Wes. Wes is not 19 years old in mi mind, sorry! I am 30, I cannot think about a 19 year old guy so he is about 25 (I hope you don't mind Mrs Reisz).

And then Nora-Zach-Gracie story... I loved it! I want my boyfriend to have a friend like Nora!!! Am I crazy? Does it make sense?

Ok, I know, I am just talking about my feelings and I am not reviewing the book but I guess it is all said, I am starting The Angel now and I have already bought The Prince and all Tiffany's shorts on amazon (which means I love The Original Sinners series and I don't know what I am going to do once I am done, yes I panic!).

My favorites quotes:

"This isn't My Fair Lady. I'm not Professor Henry Higgins, and she is no Eliza bloody Doolittle". This is my mum's favorite film!

"I do love a man with a big vocabulary". I need to add "and with an english accent" lol

"But not everyone born in Liverpool speaks like a young Paul McCartney"
"Shame, what a shame" (that's what I thought!)

"There are only two reasons why you leave someone you're still in love with - either it's the right thing to do, or it's the only thing to do" TRUE STORY, bien dicho guapa!

"He hadn't learned yet you couldn't save someone who didn't want to be saved"

"What, Nor?"
I love you, she thought but didn't say the words out loud.
"Thanks for the bath"

"You could have kept me, you do know that, don't you?"
"I would that you had kept me"
Sometimes, she tought to herself, I wish you'd kept me, too.

To Whom It May Concern: Fuck off. I'm busy (I hope I can use that out of office message too lol)

"I'm terrified, Wes. I think it may even mean more to me"

"What do you want to win?"
"You, Wes. But I can't win you without selling who I am to afford you"
"And I can't win you without selling my soul, right?"

"She told me my books were her favorite one-handed reads" I loved this!!! Mary was great!

"But I also know that perhaps not every story has to end"

"Gracie, I --"
"About Nora, I think she might be the only woman in the world I could ever forgive you for"
"Say the word and she'll be the only woman you'll ever have to"