The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz OH.MY.KINKY.GOD!

I used to think I was kinky, I am pretty sure I am just a beginner and I need to learn QUICKLY, I mean RAPIDO!

What did I just read??? I liked this one more than The Siren which I thought it was impossible... I can't believe I need to do social life on a Sunday when all I want & need is read The Prince.


I don't even know what to say about this. This is the first time I read about a m/m relationship on a book (I have read about threesomes but never about m/m) and I JUST LOVED IT!
You get to know more about Soren in this book and I am just soooo happy I was not wrong about him, he is an amazing guy, a great person, a good one, OMG, he is P.E.R.F.E.C.T.! He had a really bad childhood but he managed to be an AMAZING GROWN MAN. The things he did for Nora, for her sister and for Kingsley, I just have to love him.

Wesley I missed you but I have a feeling we are going to catch up on The Prince, right? To be honest, I love Nora & Soren together and I don't think Wes & her can be together (in a vanilla way) but... I will see on The Prince. Anyway... MANY WATERS...

And Griffin? When I met him on The Siren I was like, what a prick! But OMG, he made it up... The way he cares for his Mick, the way he loves him, the way he speaks with Michael's father, WOW, just wow! They are PERFECT for each other, I love Michael, I understand him and I can't be any happier than he finally found someone who understands him and loves him the way he deserves it.

Suzanne, you biatch! I liked you too, I understand your feelings for Soren, can't blame you babe. You just need to teach Patrick what you really need and be happy. Your scene on the cemetery with Soren made me cry, you were also a great character.

And you, Tiffany, I hate you! I know I am not going to find anymore books like yours, what am I going to do with my life after The Prince??? You are gifted, the way you write, the way you build your characters... I am speechless.

These are some of my favorite quotes:

"I know how you behave in other countries. That you still are allowed a passport is one of the universe's great mysteries"

"The day we met, you were wearing a black pleated skirt and combat boots. You had scrapes on your knees and wore too much eye makeup. And I would have laid you out on the altar, beaten you and taken your virginity in front of God, Christ, all his saints and angels, and the entire church that very day had I one ounce less of self-control. I would have drunk the blood off your thighs, turned you onto your stomach and taken you again, fucking you until you begged me to stop. And do you know what I would have done had you begged me to stop?"
"No, Sir"
"I wouldn't have stopped"

"My confession begins as the confessions of many men begin - with three words"
"Father, forgive me?" Michael hazarded a guess.
Father S sighed.
"I met Eleanor"

"Everything's on a one-to-five scale - one meaning it turns you on as much as kissing your grandmother and five meaning it makes you spray your shorts juts thinking about it"

"Nobody's perfect, Griffin. Except Soren"
"Soren's not perfect"
"Bastard priest lied to me"

"Thanks you, Alfred. There's a thousand dollars in the cookie jar. Go buy yourself something pretty.
"I will purchase a firearm and shoot you with it, Master Griffin"

"Speaking of getting laid..."
"Great way to start any conversation"

"Flirting's for people who don't mean it, Wes. I seduce"

"Wesley, you twerp, you could have told me"

"Griffin, I'm falling in love with you, and it's the scariest fucking thing ever. My dad will kill me dead if he finds out, but right now, I couldn't care less, because being in bed with you even for one night would be worth dying for"

"I am fine. Impatient but fine. Is there any fucking coming anytime soon? I ask out of mere curiosity. I could work on the edits Zach just sent me while you two chitchat"

"That bad, huh?"
Yeah... that bad"

I swear to God this made me have goosebumps, I love that moment!!!

"Does this ever go away"
"No. Never"
True story!

"Congratulations on graduating cum laude from your journalism school. A wonderful phrase - cum laude. I've always thought it should refer to something else"

"I said you could call me Kingsley"

"You must be the most arrogant man alive"
"Only the second. You've met the first"

"...And he thought he was safe"
"He should have known better than that. No one is ever safe"

"Oh, God, I'm in love with a guy... This sucks"
"It also blows"

"Everything is life-and-death when you're seventeen. Especially love"

Hell punished sin. Purgatory burned it away. She'd like to keep her sins, thank you very much. No matter how much they hurt.

So this is what being loved felt like? Like somebody out there cared more about what he wanted and needed than what they wanted and needed ... Weird.

"Yeah, let's take the best priest in New England and turn him into, I don't know, a piano teacher just because he's in love with me. And we'll let all those priests who like to rape the altar boys stay in the Church, Last time I read the Bible, I don't remember sexually assaulting children being part of doing the Lord's work"

"You lost your mind and your faith when you went to his bed"
"Neither actually. Just my virginity, and I sure as hell don't miss it"

"It's a sin, you know that, right?. Sex between two men. It's against nature and against God. It's an abomination even. You go to Church, Michael. You know that."
"If it's an abomination, Dad, you're just doing it wrong. Bear down hard, then release. It'll fit better"

"Nora Sutherlin... You lucky fucking bitch"

"You manipulative Machiavellian asshole, I love you"

"Yes, you're saint. St. Soren, the Bastard, Patron of Manipulation"
"I'm still awaiting final approval on my canonization"

"We value the most what we must sacrifice to have"

"I love you too much to keep you against your will"
"Even if against my will is what I want?"
Even then"

"I'll come back, I'll always come back to you"
"I know. If I didn't believe that, I wouldn't let you go"

"Eleanor, if you have any mercy in that dark heart of yours, when you leave right now, you will walk and not run"
"I'd never run from you, remember? But I'll always run back"

Many waters cannot quench love, Nor will rivers overflow it