Seven Day Loan (The Original Sinners, #0.5) - Tiffany Reisz I never thought seven day loans could be so sexy...

We get to know more about Nora & Soren relationship in this book. I know guys, we don't get a lot of Soren in this book but to be honest, "Seven Day Loan" shows how a generous person Soren is. And also it shows how self-confident Soren is and I love self-confident men. He knows Eleanor will always go back to him :)

Favorite quotes:

"He warned me you were smart. He neglected to mention you were a smart-ass as well"

"God I love a man who reads"

"Contentment can be the enemy"

"I'll let you leave. But I'll make sure you miss me."
"Don't worry, I miss you already"

"I won't ask you to stay. But I want to"
"I won't say 'yes' if you do ask... but I want to"

Can't wait to read more about Daniel :)