Fallen Too Far (Too Far, #1) - Abbi Glines I love cliffhanger endings :)

I know, I am a masochist, and what?

Ok, let's try to do this... Can you like and dislike a book at the same time? I guess you can because I have different feelings about Fallen Too Far.
I love the plot, LOVE IT. When I read it was about step siblings I was dying to read this. So, why am I not giving it 5 starts??? I don't know, I didn't really liked Rush and I am not a fan of insta-love... I liked Woods tho and I loved Blaire.

I really want to know more about Woods, he looks like the perfect hero :)

What did I like about this story?
*They are step siblings (that's hot, come on guys!)
*Blaire is only 19 but she is a strong character (not when talking about Rush but she has been trough a lot of hard things, I know exactly how she feels when she lost her mom).
*Woods and the way he looks after her
*Blaire and Bethy's relationship, I am happy Bethy got what she wanted.
*Ok, Rush you are hot and all, I would probably fell for you too.

I LOVED THE COVER , I am a book cover whore and the cover cannot be better, hell no!

Favorite quotes:

"What had I been thinking? I hadn't been thinking. That was the problem" LOL, just like me most of the time...

"If you hate it, don't tell me. My ego can't handle it"

"Don't go there B. You know better. Snap of your fingers, babe. Just a snap of your fingers. That's all it would take" Ohhhh I love you Cain, I hope we will have more time on Never Too Far.

Ok Rush, you have a chance to make this up to me in March (can't wait).