The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1) - Samantha Towle MADRE MIA DE MI VIDAAAAAAA!!! I loved this book!


Yes Jake, I am spanish, I have a funny accent and I can talk in spanish to you ALLL THE TIME, lol... Just saying, just in case this thing with Tru is not working... you know :)

Well, I am gonna try to be serious now... This is my first review with pics (thanks Candace), so I am sooooo excited!!!

I bought this book AGES ago and I want to kill myself for taking sooo long to read it!

First of all, they are Brits, I mean, do I need any other reason to read a book? I am not even gonna answer that. She lives in Camden for fucks sake, one of my favorites place in the UK (well, I love Richmond also but come on! Camden is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G). I have said this a million times but I have been living in the UK for 2 years so I love that country and it is amazing when you read about a place in a book and you imagine the place but it is even more amazing when you have been in that place. The first time I went to London on holidays was in May 2003 and I went to that fucking Pizza Hut in Camden, the one with the stairs!!! OMGGGGGG :)

I am not really into famous people books if you know what I mean, I feel a little bit like Tru about that, I don't think it's easy having a relationship with someone so famous, that's why I didn't read this one earlier but I was wrong!

Tru and Jake have been friends since they were little, they were in love with each other but nothing happened and then Jake leaves the UK to go to America with his mum and they don't see each other in 12 years. After 12 years he is super famous and True is a musical journalist and she has to interview him.
She has a boyfriend, a lovely english man called Will who is soooo in love with her (Will if you read this pls PM your phone number and I will call you the next time I am going to London, I promise).

I like the plot, no scrap that, I LOVE THE PLOT. I know most of the people here are not into cheating and I am not saying I support cheating but sometimes it happens and it is obvious that they have been in love since forever so when Jake offers her to go on tour with them you know something is gonna happen.

So the tour starts... and the unavoidable happens. And I understand Tru, she is in love with him even if she cares for Will. Come one guys, judging her is the easy thing to do.

The last day of the tour Will turns up in the hotel with Simone (I love best friends like her) and the drama starts. Jake wants Tru to tell Will but that is not easy! She cares for Will, she can't say "hey, I have been sleeping with him, laters!"... It is not that easy sooo Jake goes mad, kisses a girl and lots of great things happen. That Mr Brightside moment !!! O.M.G. Joderrrrrrrrrr!!!! This is Jake in that moment:


I think that is my favorite part of the book. I though everything was going to be boring from now on but I was sooooo wrong as the book didn't lose the intensity. I loved every single problem they had and I loved the way they love each other.

And the end of the book, I mean, Jake's POV??? Many thanks for that part, I loved it, I knew he was checking her ass the first time he saw her, I knew it!!! LOL


My favorite parts of the book (including quotes):

*She loves Adele, we are soul mates :)

Now would be fine with me. Yesterday, whenever, I'm easy

*Their moment having french cakes, awwwwwww he is sooo romantic!

*Their moment in Arola! Sergi Arola is one of the best chefs in the world! And he is spanish, yeahhhh. And this is the restaurant in Barcelona:


He looks up at my approach and the second my eyes meet with his, whatever sense I had just talked myself into, packs its bags and fucks off, leaving me to the mercy of my hormones

"I start a job. I finish it" Hell yeah, you are hot Jake!

"Who was she?"
"No one... someone who should have been you" TOMA YA!

I'm going to Hell. Straight to Hell

Why isn't he straight?
Actually no, my life is complicated enough as it is without trying to add another guy into the picture

"Because it's healthy to spend time apart"
"That's just Cosmo bullshit."

*Their Lumb Falls moment:


*The new phone with Lumb Falls pic and the exclusive a capella song from Adele, OMG!

When I said you looked well, what I really should have said was that you look beautiful. x

*Jake wears Converse! I love Converse, I love a guy in Converse, there is nothing sexier... well yeah, a barefoot guy is sexier :)

"I'll never be good enough for you, I know that. But I'm no good without you, and if that makes me a selfish bastard for wanting you as badly as I do then so be it because I can't live a life that doesn't have you in it"


Of course it's her you fuckwit
"Shit, it really is you"
What the hell is wrong with me? Why can't I stop talking like a dumbass?

Stuart and a dude. Stuart and a dude

What's the point in sitting on shit trying to figure it out for yourself when the answer to your question is sitting right in front of you

"Stuart, I need your gay-pertise"