Vanilla on Top - C.J. Ellisson ***BUDDY READ*** Ladies, the best about reading this book was reading it with you: Soraya, Debra, Marina, Georgia, Sarah, Em & Betty :)

I loved Tony from the beginning and he is the main reason for my 4 stars!

I didn't know speed dating worked like that, dammit I should have tried before! lol


Heather has been insecure all her life and she decides she needs to change that so she goes to an speed dating event and meets my hot Tony (I know, I consider him mine, I am pretty possessive!). Tony, on the other hand, has been always in charge of everything and he is more than happy to let Heather run the show... They speak for a few minutes (or was it seconds?) and they have a sexual encounter on a patio, hell yeah!!!

Carla, Heather's friend, ask her why she changed like that so quick and I loved Heather thoughts...

Do I tell her about the erotic novels I've been reading the past few months?

Come on guys, you all know our erotic novels give us great ideas!!!

I loved Tony... did I say that? Oh yeah, probably, but you are gonna read it more times so suck it up!

"I wondered if you were going to blow me off"
"Not anytime soon - and only if you're very lucky"

Her voice drops on the last part of the sentence causing my cock to stir. Down, fella

By the way, ping pong bats will never ever be the same...


I know it was the other way around but google images is very sexist! lol

His thoughts were funny sometimes...

Oh, her butt is her lower back, now? Is that what we're calling it?

Did my last text go too far? Will she think I'm some weirdo pervert who wants to star sexting her?

HE IS ADORABLE! I love him because he thinks just like us sometimes if you know what I mean. I love alpha males but I also love it when they go all insecure and they worry about us and they stare at their mobiles waiting for an answer, that's so cute!

And then, he changed and he went all masculine and alpha male and I loved it even more.

"Are you undoing your pants, Tony?"
"No, I was zipping my gym bag. But I like where you're going with this"

"Quantity doesn't equate to quality"

But to be honest there is something about this book I disagree:

Is it possible to love someone you've only known a little over a week

HELL NO! No way, you might think you are falling in love but you are not, you don't feel real love in a few weeks, end of.

"I want the world to know you are mine. I want every man out there to know you're taken"
"No buts. And do you know what else I really want to do right now?"
"I want to tell you to get down on your knees"


Buddies, thanks for reading this book with me, it was great and can't wait to repeat the experience!