Metamorphosis (Book Boyfriend, #1) - Erin Noelle
He said it's crazy
How love stays with me
You know it hurts me
That I didn't figure it out before
And now it's too late for a soliloquy
It's way too late for dignity
It's time for apologies

You know when you start reading a book and you think is gonna be just one more book? Well, I felt this way before starting Metamorphosis and I was totally wrong. Man, I loved this book but I hated it so much at the same time and I seriously could not put it down.

This is a story about Scarlett… her parents have been protective to a crazy point and now she is leaving her home to go to college with her bestie Evie. God, I loved Evie, that is all!

”As for what your type is, surely you have some idea what you are looking for. I mean we have only read hundreds, if not thousands, of books that pretty much cover every category of guy that exists. Think about all of our favourite book boyfriends…”

“That’s just the thing, I love so many of our book boyfriends, ALL of them actually”

Let me introduce you to Scarlett (all images come from Erin Noelle FB page)


This sweet little thing is about to experiment love, friendship & lust all at the same time… She is a virgin, well, that’s an understatement nowadays lol. She meets my lovely ASH, yeah ladies, I am team ASH, hell yeah… I swear I don’t like blond guys but this is just too much!!!


Instead of taking a bite out of my fragile skin, he then reached his other hand to my mouth and pulled my lip free of my bite. I was done for. His touch ignited a fire inside of me that rolled throughout my body, spreading a liquid warmth from my head to my toes, with the hottest embers settling directly between my thighs

That same night they all go to a party and she meets boring and perfect Dylan, ok, I liked him as well but I don’t like guys soooo perfect, they are kinda boring, aren’t they?


She is kinda confused because she knows she should not put her eyes on Ashton so she kisses Dylan in front of Ashton. Once the party is done they go to Ashtons because they are going to spend the night there and they see each other in the kitchen and their attraction is undeniable…

The thumb that had been caressing my cheek moved to my bottom lip and I instinctively opened my mouth. I flicked my tongue over the tip of his thumb, tasting his sweet flesh, before drawing it into my mouth and sucking on it …
I hadn’t been kissed many times in my life, but I knew instantly that NOTHING WOULD EVER COMPARE TO THIS FIRST KISS THAT I SHARED WITH ASH.

When I thought that was it I was wrong again because next morning Ash tells her that they can’t do this and I truly understand him, he just wants her to transition in her life, he wants her to spread her wings and fly. Because she is his butterfly…

But even if he tried to stop what was happening between them that was not possible because they kept having feelings when they were together but they decided to have a friendship instead of a relationship and this is how they became best friends. It should be very difficult to be in love with your best friend, to be seeing each other every Saturday, to see how the other one is making out with someone and then go back home and sleep together just as friends…

Enter the bad boy Mason, yeah, hot tattooed Mason, there you go ladies:


Scarlett meets Mason and she instantly falls in LUST with him. They cannot stop touching and kissing each other, is PURE LUST!


“Babe, I’m going to come if you don’t stop”
“Isn’t that the point?”

Mason looks like the bad boy but he is sweet, very very sweet…

”Every so often in life, you randomly cross paths with someone that touches you in a way that you really can’t explain, but somehow you know that you will never be the same again”

“I hope the rest of you find your angel someday. Just remember, don’t let go when you do, even if they try to fly away”

I just don’t want to spoil their story but pls pls pls READ IT. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy it as much as I did.

My favourite parts/quotes of the second half of the book:

*Those Sunday early morning hours were what I lived for and it was then that I felt most comfortable just being me

*The reality of my situation was the guy I really liked was about to break off whatever it was that we had going and the guy I was in love with was never going to allow us to have a chance, so I figured why not spend time with the guy that I lusted after. The guy that made my body explode in a thousand pieces of pleasure with his hands and mouth. The decision was quite easy

*Ashton asking Scarlett to play with him on warehouse stage, awwww, I love them together!

*Scarlett on Ash’s bedroom noticing the butterfly draw and Ashton telling Scarlett the story about Eros & Psyche


*”Love really is a tricky thing, isn’t it? It has definitely been the inspiration for more art, more writings, more music… shit, even more deaths, than anything else in history”

*…the orgasmic release that he brought me to over and over again allowed me to temporarily forget about the emptiness in my heart that only the love of Ash Walker could fill

Like the butterfly,
I have the strength and the hope to believe
In time
I will emerge from my cocoon…

* “I would have gone to hell and back for you, Ash. Anything. I would have done anything, but instead you broke my Psyche.”



Let's see what happens in the sequel, will Scarlett choose love or lust?


***UPDATE! Book 2 MIGHT be out this summer, yayyyy!!!***

I recommend this great book to EVERYONE, enjoy guys!

Thanks Mandy for recommending this book to me ;)