Lost - Varian Krylov


Lost tells us the story of a family in the middle of nowhere... Cat (my lovely little whore), Derrek & Victor have lost everything and have been living in an island for the last 3 years...


This book reminded me of a film I watched when I was very young called The Blue Lagoon. I know, those guys were not siblings but they were raised as siblings. I think I just discovered the reason why I love incest...

I am really surprised because after reading some spoilers (come on, GR buddies, you know how to hide spoilers, practice!) I thought I was not going to like it as much as I really did.

The daddy part made me give this 4 stars and I enjoyed it which is making me reconsider my sanity but I had an internal fight with myself, probably because of my prejudices...

Cat is about 18 years old and she is one of this virgins we read about, HUNGRY for sex! I know! They are all the same... I loved the way Varian makes us see Cat as the one looking for sex and not the other way around as we probably would think about "rape".

"Want me to lick you clean?"

Derrek doesn't want to succumb to temptation at the beginning but it's getting more and more difficult to avoid Cat.

"We're lonely, here. All of us are. But it's no excuse to start acting crazy. You're my sister. I love you. It would be pretty fucked up if I..."


Yeah, it would be, but it would be hot as well so let's be happy! Being serious I must say the author makes a pretty good job because you never feel their relationship is sick (at least, I didn't feel that way). The way she tells us the story, you understand that they are alone, hopeless and there is nothing wrong in accepting their feelings...

Time goes by and Derrek starts to give in...

"You deserve to be touched. Kissed and held. You deserve to be loved"

"I forgot what it's like to be happy"


I would recommend this book to everyone with an open mind. You should know you are going to read about incest but due to the circumstances you might understand them and accept what they do.