The Education of Sebastian (The Education of..., #1) - Jane Harvey-Berrick

***UPDATE*** Guys, I am MORE than loving BOOK 2 so I really recommend this series to everyone. Book 1 was not for me but I am really happy I decided to read book 2 because is BRILLIANT!!! ***

If you want to read a GREAT review about book 1, click here:


SORRY buddies but I am not in love with this story, I am leaving this one for a while and will try to finish it tomorrow but it's too sweet for me. Maybe book 2 will work better for me :(

I know all my GR buddies loved it so pls don't hate me, it's just my fault!

I must say I LOVE the writing style, this is a great book for people who love super sweet stories...

I know they are sweet and super lovely and perfect and BORING!!!
Caro falls in love with him in 2 seconds, seriously? I understand he's been in love with her since FOREVER but I don't get her.

Her husband is super cliche, like the bad guys in cartoons.


The worst thing is Carolina Maria is depending on men, COME ON! Man up bitch! You are waiting 4 months to leave your hubby because you are not able to do it on your own, we are in 2013, get a job doing whatever and manage your life!

And then I found some parts funny and they were NOT meant to be funny!

*I take it that he is 17 but a box of condoms in a few hours???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA. Seriously, I don't want this to sound bad but COME ON! I have a good, scratch that, great sexual life and you don't use 12 condoms (or was that a 24 condoms box?) in a few hours. Carolina Maria you should be super sore, use cream over there guapa!

*She gets surprised because he calls her BABY. MADRE MIA DE MI VIDA! That's the most normal thing ever!

*Next day, Sebas brings ANOTHER BOX OF CONDOMS, YEAH!!! You and your sweet c*ck are AWESOME!

*That menopause comment?!

*Sebas, don't come to see La Alhambra until you are in book 2, ok? We don't like sweet guys and you come with sugar on top!


I will finish this, hell yeah (or I'll try) and then I will read book 2 because I know I am going to love cocky Sebas!