Quid Pro Quo - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt


What? You haven't read this one yet? Ok, I'll forgive you but GO READ IT NOW, thank me later!

This is the story of cocky Tristan and shy Jared. They both sell their bodies in Market Garden.

A new john comes to Market Garden and offers them something "new". He wants to pay them to see them together. Yeah, BLOODY HOT!.
They have been partners but they've never had any kind of relationship our of MG. Jared thinks Tristan is very hot so he is a little bit nervous about this and Tristan is a tease...

"I'm looking forward to his Jared. I'm curious to find out if everything I've heard about you through the grapevine is true"

But Jared knows they are doing this ONLY for the money.


I can't keep talking about this without spoiling the fun parts so I am begging you to read this because I know you are going to love it!

"So all the things you've heard about me. Good things, I hope?"
"All very good things. And every one of them was a bloody understatement"