The Fifth Favor - Shelby Reed


I just LOVED this book, BIG TIME! Why am I not giving it a 5? Because I missed an epilogue! But anyway, this is in my favorite pile, I would recommend this to everyone!

Billie is a reporter and she is working on an article about gigolos. Adrian *SIGH* is a gigolo, he sells his body to rich women. They meet for an interview and boy, you can feel the sparks!


During that first encounter, he asks her for a dance and the chemistry between them is just soooooo much!.

For once I can touch
What my heart used to dream of
Long before I knew
Someone warm like you
Would make my dreams come true

Adrian's life is not really easy but it's the life he's choosen. As Baba ( said on her review, is also great reading about normal people who have not been tortured in their childhood.

Something happens with one of his colleagues in Avalon (the place they work for) and Adrian's life changes. He is also confused because he hasn't been interested in a woman for 8 years but Billie is just what he needs. She is normal, sweet, beautiful, tangible...


"I can touch you right here on this sofa, in a million different ways. Taste you. Take you to heaven and back again"

So he decides to start a game with Billie, no feelings involved...


"Why did you invite me tonight, Adrian?"
"You remind me there's still a world out there"


"You kissed me like you meant it, and I liked it"

Adrian and Billie are playing a game very dangerous because they are falling in love with each other even if they never intended to.

"Lei sono bello, Il mio amore"

I don't really want to spoil the story for you but pls read it! I loooooved it and will read more from this author :)

Love scenes were GREAT, I love it when characters don't have sex straight away because sometimes the wait is worth it and this time it was more than worth it.

"This is my bed. You're the only woman I want here -" he guided her hand to his heart "-and here."

Thanks Baba for your rec :)

BR with my sweet Mandy