Faith & Fidelity - Tere Michaels

This sweet and romantic book tells us the story of Evan. Evan lost his wife a year ago and was left with his four kids. He is still missing her every single day of his life and he doesn’t want to meet anyone.

You grieve with every fiber of your being when the thing you love most is ripped out of your life

Evan’s colleagues, Helena & Vic, try to keep him busy, they want him to have a normal life so he goes out with them one night and he meets Matt. Matt is an ex cop and he is kinda lonely. He doesn’t have many friends so when he meets Evan he realizes they can have fun together (nope, not that what you are thinking). They are both straight or at least they think they are.

But Matt can’t stop thinking about Evan when they are not together even if he doesn’t know what that means.

Pretended that he wasn’t thinking of Evan when his hand finished the job his dream had started


Matt meets Evan family and he falls in love with all his kids and the kids love him back! They have fun together but Matt seriously can’t hide his feelings anymore… So the inevitable happens and they kiss.


Evan doesn’t want to hide what they have but is not easy for him. He feels bad for his kids, his colleagues, his neighbours, everyone!. But first of all he needs to know what he really feels for Matt.

I want something I can’t have that you want to give me. I think. Maybe.

Things get more intense between them and Matt doesn’t know how to handle the situation, he wanted ALL with Evan but he didn’t want to scare him.

There’s no way I’m sleeping anytime soon with the feeling of him on my skin and, woo boy, in my mouth. I’ve never been so fucking scared in my whole entire life. This is a man and I want him and I think maybe I lo… Nope, not going there, and oh shit, what the hell am I supposed to do now?


Sex scenes were not very explicit, they were VERY HOT but not what I am used to read. Anyway, I think this book was more about accepting the homosexuality in your life and it was very good.

They learned to love each other, to cope with life loving each other. It was not easy but boy, it was worth it.

They were funny yet hot together and Evan’s kids were adorable.
I think this is a great M/M book for beginners and I would recommend it to everyone!

Don’t give us someone else to love if they’re going to leave.

BR with my LOVELY Stella