Crow's Row - Julie Hockley
Crows everywhere are equally black


Crow’s Row is not a solid 4 stars book but I must say that I CANNOT wait for the sequel. The end was just GREAT but I had some issues with the story. Let’s start!

Emily is a lost soul. She’s 19 years old and she is in college. She lost her brother a few years ago and since then her life changed. She is not a conventional heroine, she is lost, she’s shy and she refuses all the money that comes from her rich family. She is living in a “horrible” place close to her college and to her brother’s cemetery so she runs every day there to visit him.

One of those days she cross paths with a mysterious guy who is apparently walking his dog. That lovely dog breaks Emily’s ancient Walkman (seriously, do they exist anymore?) and Emily’s life changes from that exact moment.


A few days later that same mysterious guy and his mates kidnap Emily and I couldn’t understand why she didn’t try to escape. I mean, she NEVER tried to escape from them, I just didn’t get it. As Jessica told me, that was probably because her life sucked.

Cameron, the mysterious guy, asks his kid brother, Rocco (one of my fave characters in the book) to take Emily to the ‘farm’ and Emily instantly thinks they are going to kill her so she tries to establish a relationship with Rocco and get some time before he kills her (I loved this part in the car).

”What’s your name?”
“You can call me Sexy Bull”

OMG, I love Rocco! That is all!

Somehow she discovers what Cameron and his mates do, they sell drugs and they kill people. And this was the biggest issue for me in this book. I mean, I wanted to love Cameron but OMG, what he does is SOOOOOOO FREAKING WRONG. I understand he had a complicated life but COME ON! I can’t never ever agree with that, I could never EVER fall in love with someone who sells drugs!


I would say Emily is kinda happy that she’s been kidnapped. She doesn’t like to be alone at home but she is always with Rocco or Griff, one of the guards of the farm. I also loved Griff. He was always taking care of Emily.

The rest of the members are just ok for her. Carly doesn’t seem to like Emily at the beginning but she is a great person. She didn’t have a good life tho and she’s just trying to save her family for the horrible world she is living in. And then, Spider… well I guess I cannot talk a lot about him without spoilers so I better shut up!

"Am I that much of a threat to you?"
"More than you know"


Days go by and Emily’s feelings for Cameron are growing. She likes him, there is something special about him and he cares for her but he also avoids her sometimes so she is confused.

He was sooooooo sweet sometimes but so hard another times but I guess I understand him now, he wanted to protect her over all things. I don’t want to spoil anything but let me tell you that his feelings for her started A LONG TIME AGO. Em’s brother was Cameron’s boss a few years back and before he died he asked Cameron to look after Emily so Cameron has spent part of his life watching her and falling in love with her somehow


”Is this okay?”

Ok, at this point I must say that the author was building a GREAT chemistry between them but I missed my butterflies when they kissed, not to mention when they did the other thing. I mean, as my buddy Candace would say, you know when you are watching a movie and they kiss but the camera goes to the window and suddenly is the next day? Yeah, that’s how this felt for me and I didn’t like it. I know this is not erotica but come on! I needed a little bit of MAMBO between them.

And now that I’m bitching, let me say that I really don’t like most of these virgin heroines. I liked Emmy but why oh why do they need to be that innocent? That is just NOT real! She was asking him if he had had sex with other girls without being in love with them. Come on Emmy! He’s 26, of course he had had sex with random girls, he’s just a man! But then when he was explaining to her WHY he was having sex with other girls I just wanted to yell at my kindle. That’s BULLSHIT!

This is just a reflection but I need to say this. I want to read about REAL CHARACTERS, that’s why I don’t real PNR. And sometimes some heroes and heroines make me think I’m reading PNR. Ok, I want to read about perfect guys and all but I also want to read about REAL people.
Sorry for bitching, I just couldn’t help it!

”You and I are just too different”


Ok, I’ll just stop talking about the book now because I don’t want to spoil anything. I was very intrigued at the beginning, then I thought I couldn’t like someone like Cameron but then the end was just absolutely FANTASTIC. I would have deleted the epilogue, it could be more interesting but I guess the author had her reasons to give us some information about what was going to happen next. I knew it couldn’t end that way.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, BUT (and this is a big BUT) you should know what you are getting yourself into. Those guys sell drugs and kill people, no matter what their reason is, that’s wrong in soooooo many ways. Anyway I will read book 2, I want to know MORE about them, I need to know what happens, I need to know if they are going to be able to redeem their sins (and I find this pretty difficult).

Whoever said that love hurts was wrong. Love is excruciating, specially when you can fell it slipping through your fingers and there is nothing you can do about it.