Willing Victim - Cara McKenna



Oh yeah, ladies, you were f@cking right, this book was VERY HOT!

Laurel is not your typical heroine. I mean, I was kinda shocked at the beginning because when she met Flynn, she was the one asking him out. Ok, ok, I know things have changed but NO WAY I’m asking a guy out. PERIOD.

”You asking me out?”
You’ll never see him again in your life if he turns you down. Just say yes.

So he tells her to meet him in a place she doesn’t know but she decides to go because she’s very intrigued.


And when she realizes what he’s doing there she finds it even more appealing. And something weird yet hot happens. Laurel meets Pam, Flynn’s fuckbuddy and she invites her to play voyeur while they have sex. And I didn’t how I was going to feel about that scene but let me tell you that was abso*fucking*lutely hot!


What goes on between me and her, it’s not pretty. If you can’t stand lookin’ at a little rope burn, you probably won’t enjoy yourself.

Pretty clear, right? Flynn likes rough sex, he likes playing but that’s it, it’s just a game, a very hot game between consenting adults.

”Are you threatening me?”
“I never threaten a woman unless she begs me to”

One of the things that I loved the most about this book was that the characters were real. You know when you read a book and they are all rich people with great jobs and better lives? Well, this is not the case, they just have normal jobs and normal lives and it felt so good reading about something so normal. Flynn was totally transparent and I loved that about him.

I like fighting, and I like fucking. I don’t care much for thinking.

So after that first voyeur encounter Laurel decides that she wants a bite of what she saw so they see each other again. Just the two of them and boy, I cannot even express how hot the sex scenes in this book were. I could say this book have some of the best sex scenes I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a few.

”I’ve been jerking off thinking about this. About making you taste me. I’m so fucking ready, you’re gonna get me off before we start playing. Taste me


I’m a selfish prick, and I want to be the greatest fuck of your life and ruin you for every man who comes after me.

Yes… my feelings exactly. Flynn knows what he’s doing and he probably ruined me too!

So they keep having great sex but the thing is Flynn is also a very nice guy, even if he tells her that he’s not boyfriend material, that he never calls back, he never cuddles… He just had a bad experience and he wants to play his game with people who can follow his “rules”. He knows what he wants.

I’d rather go without and be lonely than not be how I really want with someone

But then he’s not that cold and he starts breaking his rules and that’s when you just fall in love with him and he suddenly is one of your favourite book boyfriends.


So if you want a quick hot read, go for it! You’ll love it!


And yes, this was me while reading the book, LOL.


And enjoy Flynn ladies. Once again, I loved how simple yet interesting he was.

THANKS LADIES! I loved this BR with you: BABA, StellaR, Susanne, & Rosanna