City Knight: Working It - T.A. Webb


Where the hell is book 2???!!! I need it N-O-W.

I've read this 3 times!!! BR with Dawn, Stella Sarah, Christy, Lili & Aimie :)

Marcus is an ex cop who wants to keep his neighborhood "clean" so he goes out every night and makes sure everything is safe out there. His life hasn't been easy the last few years. Every night he sees Benjamin, the beautiful guy who sells his body. Benjamin is a young guy who is trying to paying his bills, he's planning about doing this for a year and then start his new life far from the ghosts of his horrible past.

One night, some idiot is trying to molest Benjamin and Marcus help him so they meet each other.

After that first encounter, Marcus offers Benjamin to have some pancakes together and CLICK! You can feel the chemistry between them :)


"Marcus, Marcus, Marcus, you've been holding back on me. Hiding all...that behind those old man clothes. I hope you're a top, because that has to go in me"

"You are a treasure, and whoever you choose to love and let love you will be the luckiest man on the face of this earth"

Go read this GREAT book now, the writing style is exquisite and I cannot wait for book 2.

If you want to read a coherent and GREAT review, pls check Monique's review and see more info about sequels releasing dates on her blog :)

Thanks Monique, great rec!