Blind Obsession - Ella Frank



How can I review this amazing book? I don’t know if I will be able to but I will try my best.

Let me say I loved Ella Frank on her Exquisite series but this book… This book is so much more than that, this is one of the best erotic novels I have ever read, period.

I cannot spoil anything for you because I know my Pip, Candace, will spank me and as much as I would love her to do that I just want you all to experience this book without knowing anything about it. I want you to feel how the characters involve you in their story, I want you to feel you are a part of their lives.

The story commences with Gemma traveling to France to interview Philippe, one of the most famous artists in the world. When she arrives in his chateau she has a difficult task, she needs him to open up and tell her a hard yet beautiful story and that’s when Gemma gets to meet Chantel, a mysterious musician who also is Philippe’s muse.


Philippe is broken, fucked up, totally lost and Gemma tries to help him as much as she can but I guess you can’t help someone that doesn’t ask for help, can you?

And he has a HUGE problem, he is OBSESSED with Chantel and let me tell you that’s wrong. In my opinion that was his biggest problem. He is stuck in his past, his happiness is based on another person and oh my god, that’s just terrible.

Obsession: the state of being obsessed with someone or something.


Philippe needs to learn that the only thing that exist is the present and that was his mistake. He probably needs a conversation with Eckart Tolle, he needs to learn the power of now. Because Philippe, let me tell you that the only real thing is the now.


I finished this book 24 hours ago and I still don’t know what to say in my review, I know I need to come back and complete this at some point but at this moment I just don’t know what else to say.

I just loved Ella’s writing style. This book was hot, ok, I am not going to deny this but this is not what captivated me. I was captivated by the original story, by three amazing yet complicated characters and by amazing surroundings.

As Baba mentioned, we got to read one of the best erotic scenes at 74%, Ella you ROCK and you have probably ruined my future erotic M/F novels…


And the end… Loved it, big time. I wouldn’t change ANYTHING as the story wouldn’t feel that real. That is all.

If you have finished this amazing book, go read last chapter in Philippe’s POV. Do NOT read it unless you have finish this book:

I wanted to add more thoughts/quotes about this book but I really don't want to spoil the story so that's all for now...