This Girl (Slammed, #3) - Colleen Hoover


Yes, I am talking backwards, I know, I ROCK! LOL

Ok, I wanted to write a nice and sweet and romantic review but you guys already did that, you guys even wrote slam, how can you be so AWESOME??? What can I do now??? Ok, I am not gonna write slam, I seriously don’t want to show my super talents haha.

I loved this book, yes, I did so why am I not giving it 5 stars? Simple, you just need to keep reading my review to find out.

This girl.
My mother would have loved this girl.
Too bad she was just a dream.

This Girl tells us the story of Will & Lake, just as Slammed but this time Will is the one telling us their love story.

Will, you are soooo perfect that I had to roll my eyes so many times it hurt. Seriously. I mean, I like reading about perfect characters but sometimes authors don’t keep them real and that’s what I felt while reading this.


“Sometimes two people need to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together”

Yeah, that’s the thing about Hoover, she knows how to write and how to make you feel because I highlighted the whole book, true story.

The thing is after Slammed and POR they are together, this is not a spoiler, this is something you know when you start this book. They are in their honeymoon and after a lot of “action” they are having a break (super rolling eyes) and Lake asks Will to tell her how he lived their story. So he starts…

And Lake is just adorable, as much as she was in Slammed & POR.
Long story short, they meet each other because they’re neighbors and then BAM! Will is her teacher so they can’t be together. Tough shit!

“I guess I’ll see you third period, Mr. Cooper”
I’d so much rather be her Will.

What did I love the most about this book? The slam! I must say I love this series because I had never heard about slam before and I love it! Will new slams where just GREAT, not to mention the old ones that made me cry…

Then this girl
Holy hell, this girl

I also loved their Suck & Sweet moments, I keep playing that with my friends. And Would You Rather!!! OMG, that’s soooo funny.

So, let’s play something… Would You Rather reading my ranting about this book or not? If you chose no, the review is over at this point. If you chose yes, keep reading. I swear I wasn’t going to say this but then I wouldn’t be honest and I need to be.

These are the things I didn’t like about the book:

*Will was way too sweet for me. I get that he’s the main character and main characters are always perfect but sometimes they’re not real.

*Their sex in the honeymoon. Not the sex per se but how many times did they have sex? She was a virgin, right??? Why do authors do that? We all have been virgins and we know you don’t want to have sex more than 10 times the first time you’re popping your cherry, right? That’s unbelievable and authors should know better. But well, that’s just my opinion

*They got married before having sex in 2013??? Are you kidding me??? Is this an American thing? Because that’s NOT happening in Europe and I very much doubt it’s happening over there. Why do authors think we are gonna love the MC more if he “respects” her until they’re married?

Anyway, overall I loved this book but I cannot give it a 5 because I had some issues. Really hope you guys don’t want to kill me now but I wanted to be honest.

Let me say I loved being in his head, Will Cooper is a great book boyfriend, not real but a great one!