Tangled - Emma Chase


So... what can I say about this book? You guys already posted great reviews! So I'll keep it sweet and short.

I am going to embarrass myself confessing this: I have writing that stupid thing down like a thousand times as in Rosalinda + [insert a random name here] forever.

Ok, embarrassment over, I must say I loved this book! It was JUST WHAT I NEEDED after [b:Me Before You|12649718|Me Before You|Jojo Moyes|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1359617637s/12649718.jpg|17763198].

Drew helped me to recover from my miserable self. And well, he was feeling miserable too so I guess we both recovered together, how romantic!

Drew is a womanizer who is happy with his life. He doesn't want to have a relationship, he wants to fuck them, leave them, end of. Until one night he meets Kate and he feels an instant attraction. She is just nice with him but that's it, she basically explains him she's on a relationship so she just ignores his flirting attempts.

What he's not expecting at all is finding her next day in his office as his new colleague because she is his competition now and even though he wants her badly, he wants his job even more, right???


This book is hilarious, sexy, intelligent and HOT AS HELL! If you need a quick and funny read, then go for it and enjoy some advices from Drew and his lovely niece.

No guy talks to his friends about sex with his girlfriend. Ever

Awwww, you see? He's sweet too. Go buy and read this awesome book!