Cry Little Sister - Parker Ford



What do you think about siblings falling in love?
Should they deny what the feel just because they're blood related?
As you know, I love reading about incest and even though I haven't had any relationship with any members of my family, I kinda think that LOVE IS LOVE and you simply DON'T CHOOSE who you fall in love with.

Cry Little Sister tells us the story about Jordan (JoJo) & Gareth. They are siblings but they can’t deny the attraction they feel for each other. Jordan has been out of town for a long time and she’s now back because their father passed away so she’s coming home for a few days.

When Jordan arrives at home she finds her hot as hell brother in a compromised situation and she starts questioning herself about her feelings for her brother, she needs to stop it but Gareth is not helping her at all.

“ Wow you are hungry”
“And dirty. I’ll be back”
“Nothing wrong with dirty”

But then, when they’re catching up on things Gareth tells her they might not be brother and sister…

Days go by and they both can’t deny what they feel, I swear the author makes you feel an incredible chemistry between them. And I understood them, I mean, you never choose who you fall in love with, right? Love is all even if the other person is blood related to you.

“Night, JoJo. I’m going to do the right thing and leave now. But maybe next time you’ll let me help you with that”.

They want each other but they also know being together is something the society won’t approve. They want to wait until they have DNA results to prove if they are siblings but… are they going to be able to wait or would they succumb to passion no matter what?

You’ll need to read the book to find out. I am not gonna say if they have sex before or after knowing DNA results but let me tell you this book had, hands down, the best sex scenes I’ve read in my life.


That was a mouth she'd been staring at for twenty some years. A mouth that had teased her and whistled for her at the dinner hour and kissed her cheek before Junior prom. That was now a mouth that had crushed down on her own and bullied her mouth into blissful submission.