Wallbanger - Alice Clayton

3.5 stars


Ok, let's keep this short and sweet...

This book was OKAY but just okay, nothing exciting. I was expecting much more but well, I guess I am in a book funk at the moment.

Simon and Caroline live in the same building. They meet each other because Simon is a Wall Banger. Yes, he f@cks different chicks every night and Caroline and her sweet and EVIL cat Clive can't sleep. So well, you're probably getting the picture... One night she knocks on his door and TA CHAN they see each other and they feel this special connection and blah blah blah. MEH! Why do authors do that??? *SHAKES HEAD*.

The thing is Simon is not the bad boy you might think he is and Caroline is an okay heroine (don't have complains about her to be honest).

I don't want to spoil the story for you so let's just say they keep seeing each other, they become friends, their feelings become more intense and... after all the build up (I loved it) I suddenly lost the interest. Don't know how to explain my feelings but I was expecting something else.

I know most of you loved her O talking but OMG, I hated it! I found it sooooo boring but that's just my opinion.

I must say I loved their trip to Spain . The author did a good researching job as I felt like they were really in Nerja . I am pretty sure she probably has been here because some of the descriptions were perfect. Well done!

Clive, Caroline's cat, was my favourite character. He was funny but that thing with purina??? Va a ser que no...

Overall, an ok read. If you want to laugh for a while and read a sweet story then go for it, most of my buddies loved it!