Sins & Needles - Karina Halle


Sins & Needles… I guess the title says it all, right?

Are you going to read about Sins? Oh yeah!
Are you going to read about Needles? Si!

Ok, I know there are GREAT reviews about this book so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Oh well, sweet is not a word I should use in my review…

I always try to learn something from the books I read. Yes, also from the porn ones I read! Back to S&N, I learnt you can’t steal things that are not yours because then you are in troubles! Ellie, come on, where were you that day while your teacher was explaining that to you? I know, I know, your parents weren’t the best example but come on!

So ‘con artist Ellie’ is back into her home town after a few crazy years. Once she’s back in town she crosses paths with Camden, an old friend from school. Actually, her only real friend.

Friends are dangerous liabilities when you’re a grafter. They’re dangerous liabilities,period.

But Camden is not the same Ellie remembered. He’s all grown up, hot and with a brilliant life, apparently. He has a tattoo parlor and he’s an artist.


Ellie’s life hasn’t been easy and of course it isn’t easy now. She is just living with her uncle for a few days until she can get a job and live on her own. This is her plan but life always has some surprises for us, right?


I don’t want to really spoil anything for you. It was an amazing roller coaster, I never saw some things coming and I still loved it. Is this a love triangle? Mmmmmm, I wouldn’t say that but well, it might be.


Did I feel the chemistry between the characters? Oh yeah and I loved it! This was not like any other romance book just about two people falling in love. I am not even sure this is just romance, this is way more than that. As my buddies say this should be a movie!

I really hope you guys give this one a try, I bought it like ages ago and never found the time to read it. I am glad Pavlina & Mona made me read it because it was sooooo worth it.

And about Teams and all. You guys know I always support all latinos but Javier, papito, there’s NOTHING I can support about your behaviour. But I should say I like your eyes and I might read your book to know what’s on your mind.

All of you who already read the book, pls read the spoiler. If you haven’t read this book do NOT read the spoiler PLEASE!

There’s no way she’s ending up with Javier, ladies. On the acknowledgments at the end of the book, Karina thanks someone called Scott who is her hubby/boyfriend. She says he is her CAMDEN so that’s pretty clear, right? She will want her Ellie to end up with someone like her Scott.

Anyway, I really hope the below is the ending of Shooting Scars. Well, maybe not that far but this is how I want to see E&C in the future…