Dare You To - Katie McGarry
CAN or CAN'T? This is the question...

I finished this one a few days ago so my review might not make sense. Just a few thoughts, okay?

I love YA! Yeah, I know, I keep selling myself like an erotica reader but what really grabs me is a good YA story and this one was pretty good.

I love hate/love relationships. They are the best for me and let's say Beth was not a big fan of Ryan when they met at Taco Bell.

"There is absolutely nothing you can do to ever get me to give you my name or number"
"I bet I can"

There are people than can't dream. Well, they can but they also know their dreams won't come true and this was Beth's situation. She had a shitty life, a shitty family and a shitty future... So can she or can't she change that and dare to dream of a new life?


People like Beth build walls and never let them down but what happens when someone is attempting to let your walls down over and over and over again?

People who make me feel are worse. If I don't feel, I don't hurt


Ryan is one of those guys who apparently has a perfect life. But, what is perfect? Have you ever think about the meaning of perfection??? Being perfect means doing what YOU think is perfect or doing what OTHERS think is perfect for your life?

How many of us will have the courage to be ourselves regardless of what others think?

What will happen when perfect Ryan and imperfect Beth collide? Go read this book and find out.