Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye

"Wait! Can you please hold that?"


OMG I always use to hurry up when someone is coming my way to take the elevator with me. NOT ANYMORE!!! I use to say reading always teach me something. This little story taught me to wait for whoever is CUMing into the elevator. I have expectations now and I am so very ready for Caden!

Wait? You don’t know who Caden is? Let me compose myself. I am still… affected .

This book starts with lucky Makenna trying to catch the elevator where Caden is. She is a mysterious red head dressed very business-like. Caden is the gentleman who holds the door for her. And BOOM! They are trapped, the elevator stops and everything goes pitch black.

Interesting, huh?

What would you do in a situation like that when you don’t even know how your company looks like because you can’t see anything??? Would you reach for a stranger’s hand to find comfort?


I bought this book like ages ago and dammit I should have read this before! When I read the premise the first time I wasn’t 100% convinced but the author managed to put together a great story. Yes, it’s hot but it’s also sweet and dark and it hurts at times. Caden & Makenna didn’t have an easy life but they have found each other now and they seem to be pieces of the same puzzle.

Peace was not an emotion with which he was much familiar, but with Makenna, he had it. And he didn’t know how he’d ever give it up.

I just have one tiny complaint. Of course, if not, it wouldn’t be me! I wish the author wouldn’t have mentioned he was falling in love with her. I know this is fiction and romance but you don’t fall in love with someone in one day. I get they felt a strong connection but that’s it. My imagination can make up for what’s going to happen between them. RANT OVER. Sorry!

This is the trailer in case you want to have a better idea of what happens between them.


”I love… that elevator”