Starfish and Coffee - Kele Moon


”You think the marlin are biting this year?”

I swear that line gave me goosebumps…

Alex is a guy who’s been living all his life in Mirabella island with his brother Will and his friends. He hasn’t had an easy life but he’s doing well. Matt is a rich boy who is just enjoying one year off his crazy and “perfectly calculated” life.

They are opposites but they still can’t fight what they feel when they’re together. Not even Matt who is apparently straight.

”What do you want to hear? That I’ve been jerking myself raw thinking about you for the past three days?”

So that’s the premise of the book… What will happen when carefree local boy and Mr Perfect decide to give their feelings a try? I’ll tell you what will happen, you’ll feel goosebumps every time they are together, you’ll want them to have a HEA, you’ll want them to fight everyone to stay together but fate might have different plans for them.


You want to know what happens six long years later? Then read this book and enjoy their journey.

I am not going to sell you this like this is the most original story. It’s not but the way the author tells you the story is so special that you’ll love this book with its imperfections and all. And yeah, the sex was beyond hot!

And the last sex scene when they are in Alex’s house and Holly leaves was so damn freaking special!!!

Lately, just a few books give me the butterflies. Well, Starfish and Coffe was one of them.

”That’s the nice thing about home. One way or another, you usually find your way back”