Take It Off - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov



Leather pants are sexy, huh?

This is the second instalment on Jared & Tristan story... If I liked [b:Quid Pro Quo|17122045|Quid Pro Quo (Market Garden, #1)|L.A. Witt|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1356584123s/17122045.jpg|23507444] , I LOVED this book! Absolutely LOVED it.

***If you have not read book 1 be aware that you might read minor spoilers***


Jared is a new guy now, more confident, more like Tristan used to be. I loved this change in him. He is more appealing for other guys now and Tristan knows it.

Look all you want, lads. I get to fuck him

Tristan is more into Jared and want to spend alone time with him but he doesn't know how to tell him so he enjoys him when they "perform" together with their johns.

Mr Rolex visits them again and offers them another sexy night together... How I wish I could join them!

"You ready to spend some money?". Tristan asked. You ready to watch me seduce him for real?

It's in your eyes
I can tell what your thinking
My heart is sinking too
It's no surprise
I've been watching you lately
I want to make it with you

The chemistry between is AH-MAZING, delicious, even better than in book 1 so I really recommend this quick and HOT AS HELL read.


"That is fucking amazing," Rolex breathed. "Holy shit".
My sentiments exactly


What did I learn with this book?. You need to let go of control to get what you want :)

*SIGH* Reviewing M/M erotic books it's very hard, you know, looking for hot guys pics and all ;)