Arsen - Mia Asher



Reviewing this book isn’t easy. Talking about Cathy, Ben & Arsen without spoiling this roller coaster isn’t easy so I’ll just let you know the premise of the book and then I’ll bore you with my thoughts.
The premise is easy. Ben & Cathy fell in love more than ten years ago. Their first encounter put a silly grin on my face every time I think about it.

He is the everything to my nothing


After all those years together their relationship is not the same.

No one has all the answers to solve the big puzzle that life is, and it is even less likely that another person can offer them to you.

Cathy and Ben are trying to have a baby but they have had three miscarriages. For this reason their marriage is not the same after all those years. Cathy blames her own body for not being able to hold a baby during 9 months and Ben is that kind of guy who’s always positive and calm, who is always telling you everything will be ok. Sometimes that kind of men might become annoying because even though they are trying their best to keep you happy, listening to their “crap” isn’t helping.

And then Arsen enters the picture. Arsen is a spoiled young man who has the world at his feet. He can have every woman he wants but he wants Cathy and Cathy is not available because she loves her husband, right?

”Live without love, without chasing your dreams, is nothing. It means nothing. It’s a sad fucking empty shell, Catherine. It’s so easy to drown in darkness, to let it smother you, swallow you whole, to be blinded by it. But you gotta fight. You gotta fucking fight.”

This is all you are going to get from me about their story. The below are just my crazy thoughts and I am going to BEG you to do NOT open the spoilers because I’ll ruin the book for you and I want you all to give this story a try and go blind.

There are books that hit close to home. Not only because whatever happens in the story happened to you already but because you learn things from some stories. If you know how to learn between lines I guess you’ll end up appreciating what you have in your life. I am now posting this review with my “Ben” sitting beside me and while I’ve had doubts before during our 9 years relationship, I am glad I ended up valuing what we have.

I can’t say my life is any similar to Cathy’s, no Arsens on my life but I understand her somehow. Yeah, I said I understand Cathy and Cathy is a cheater. Now, if you stop judging I would like to explain myself.

I mentioned before that things were not the same for Cathy & Ben after more than 10 years together and this didn’t surprise me. WHAT? You ladies think being in a long term relationship with someone is like some authors describe it in books? Oh well… let me break your bubble. When you are on a long term relationship you have good days but you also have bad days and sometimes you question your feelings, sometimes you need something (I didn’t say someone) new, sometimes you just get bored. It doesn’t mean you don’t love that person, it means you are H-U-M-A-N. End of.

Every action has a consequence. It doesn’t matter if you try to run or hide. It eventually catches up to you. Call it karma if you must, but said karma can totally kick you in the ass

The right thing to do in that situation you ask? I guess the right thing to do is just having a conversation with your boyfriend/hubby and explaining them what’s going on with your feelings. But that’s not easy and we all make mistakes, especially when temptation is knocking on your door. I didn’t like Cathy because she hurt Ben and sometimes it looked like she didn’t even care for him after all those years but somehow I understood her. She felt ALIVE again when she met Arsen and he taught her another side of life, a side she had long ago forgotten.

”Falling in love with someone is easy. It’s loving when the newness has worn off, when life gets tough, when things get in the way, when physical passion is gone, that true love remains. When love can conquer it all”

There is a song that was playing in my mind all the time while reading this book. Pls check this link and this song by The Killers. FOR REASONS UNKNOWN. Especially I beg you to check minute 3:16 and listen to what Brandon says. Because that song feels very real. I have been there and it’s ok, it doesn’t mean you can’t save your relationship, you still can if you want. But the sad truth is, relationships are not like in books and that’s why I loved this book because this is not a heart and flowers story, this is a BROKEN love story.


“Any of you people ever loved somebody?
Sometimes it comes very quickly, very easily
and sometimes it disappears just as quick.
You wake up one morning,
the butterflies stop fluttering,
but you want it back and you want to fight for it.
You wanna breathe that fire again
so you call for it, you call out.”

There is just ONE REASON why this book didn’t get a higher rating from me. I wish ***PLEASE I BEG YOU TO DO NOT OPEN THE SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS BOOK. I’LL RUIN THE END FOR YOU *** Cathy would have realized she still loved Ben while being with Arsen. It felt like she started realizing about her feelings for Ben just because Arsen left her and ended their “relationship”. Anyway I loved their story…

Thanks Helena for our BR & THANKS ANA RITA for laughing at my crazy theories...