After Ben - Con Riley
MORGAN: I'm high on life


Theo lost his partner Ben a year ago. He's still devastated and there's nothing that can cheer him up. I guess when you've met your soul mate and you've spent 15 years of your life with him, letting go is not easy.

How do you react when all your walls come down? How do you react and keep going when you don't really want to be alive anymore?

Theo's situation is not easy but he HAS TO keep going whether he wants or not. He goes to the gym every morning, then he goes to his office and then he ends up in his bed chatting with a bunch of "cyber friends" about politics and stuff.

He crosses path with a hot guy in his gym but who really makes him curious is Morgan, the guy with a hot temper, the guy who's passionate about everything, the guy who is always teasing him and making him laugh. Just a friend, right?

Morgan wakes up something that was deep asleep on Theo and while he's still struggling with Ben's lost, his parents and work, he looks forward to coming home every day to spend time chatting with him.

What happens in that kind of situations? You eventually want to meet the other person and she what happens, right?

Maybe getting on with living is better than planning out a perfect life

Well, read this book and find out what happens between them. Theo's journey will make you cry and laugh at the same time. That part about his mom talking about the cheese was my breaking point to be honest.

This book taught me communicating is BASIC to be happy. If you have something to say, just say it. And live as long as you can because one day you'll regret it if you don't live every second as if it was the last one. And it's very well written, told in a very touching way.

Maybe once you experienced real loss, the feeling never left you. Maybe it just hid until you were vulnerable