Down London Road - Samantha Young



I am very sorry, really really sorry because I wanted to LOVE this book but it didn't happen. I loved Samantha Young when I read [b:On Dublin Street|15760001|On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1)|Samantha Young||21459719] & [b:Until Fountain Bridge|17665083|Until Fountain Bridge (On Dublin Street, #1.6)|Samantha Young||24657968]. They were WOW, amazing books, re-read worth it so I had expectations for this one... The thing is, in life you better have no expectations at all so you are not disappointed, right?

I must say I love Samantha's writing style and I will read more of her books, no doubt but I have to be honest and I cannot give this book a high rating because in my opinion and with all due respect, it does not deserve it.

This is the story of Jo & Cam. We knew Jo from ODS. Ok, let's be honest. I didn't like her in ODS so I knew it was going to be hard to like her now but well, the author explains us the situations Jo has been through so you kinda understand her now. There's something I can't approve on her behavior and that's taking advantage of her "hotness" to attract guys with money. No! That has a name in my country and that's totally wrong, unless you want to do it professionally, I respect that.

I know she had a hard life and she's just trying to take care of her youngest brother Cole but you can get money working (she does it that way also) but taking advantage of rich men, that's a HELL NO for me.

Enter Cam, a hot tattooed guy. Jo sees him and feels an instant electricity, connection or whatever. Seriously? I need a plot, I need them to have feelings for a reason, not just because they're the hottest persons on the earth. I get it that they can feel attraction but that's it, don't try to sell me anything else in the first pages of the book because I can't buy it.

I will be back on my review after work today but these are my main issues:

*The way she uses men (even if she does it for a reason, I just don't care)

*Malcolm, I loved him but I wasn't suppose to love him, right?. I just don't understand that they have been together for a few months but he's willing to wait for her after Cam breaks her heart, seriously??? Is that happening in real life?

*The way she thinks she's not worth it BUT when she refers to her she's the hottest thing ever . Baby, chill out!

*Joss, yeah, the heroine in ODS. Are you telling me she was the same character??? I get she changed because of Ellie & Braden but come on! I didn't recognize her at all, she was a new character for me.

*All the drama with her mum, you guys know I love drama but even this was way too much for me.

*Her jealousy about her ex-girlfriend from 10 years ago!!! OMG, noooo!

*Waking up after having sex and being with him 1 or 2 days and being in love! Don't try to sell me that because I just don't feel it.

*The story was very very very slow at the beginning, nothing happened in like AGES!

I also want to say a few good things about the book because the author deserves all my respect:

*I loved the sex scenes that I read. Samantha knows how to write sex scenes in my opinion.

*I liked knowing about Braden/Jo & Ellie/Adam.

*I want to know more about Hannah, she's a smart ass but I love her anyway.

*I loved the moment when they almost kiss but she just stop it and he says:

"So we're back to pretending there's nothing between us"

I had goosebumps but it was the only time that it happened.

BTW, I am more than ok with cheating on books, I never had a problem (I loved Thoughtless so that says it all). What I didn't like about that was that she didn't leave Malcolm before because of his money but it wasn't the cheating what bothered me.

Also, and to be TOTALLY HONEST, if watching Issac Jones in action counts as mental cheating, I am guilty too!