Still trying to figure this out...
Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters


Let’s keep this short and sweet. I am not rating the book because I don’t think that’s fair right now. I enjoyed certain parts of Tess’s story but I didn’t enjoy another parts and rolled my eyes to no end.
Tess is a girl who has dark desires but she has a vanilla lovely boyfriend. Brax takes her to Mexico for a romantic trip but life has different plans for Tess. She’s suddenly kidnapped and sold to Q, a French hot Master who is (apparently) a dark monster.

I want to remark ‘apparently’ because he confused me during the whole book. I couldn’t connect with him because he was a dark monster sometimes but one minute later he was sweet and nice. And Tess? Don’t let me start with her better.

I think the story was well written and the sex scenes were scorching hot and all but I have a problem, I need a coherent plot to get into a story. I think Pepper will be able to write better stories in the future, this one unfortunately was not for me.

I won’t say anything else about the story because I don’t want to spoil it for you.

I also want to mention this might be a case of it’s me and not you book so pls check out those wonderful 5 stars reviews. I want you to read Christy’s because she loved this story and she’s a reviewer I always trust so pls check her review and I really hope you guys enjoy this book more than I did.





ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review
Dare You To - Katie McGarry
CAN or CAN'T? This is the question...

I finished this one a few days ago so my review might not make sense. Just a few thoughts, okay?

I love YA! Yeah, I know, I keep selling myself like an erotica reader but what really grabs me is a good YA story and this one was pretty good.

I love hate/love relationships. They are the best for me and let's say Beth was not a big fan of Ryan when they met at Taco Bell.

"There is absolutely nothing you can do to ever get me to give you my name or number"
"I bet I can"

There are people than can't dream. Well, they can but they also know their dreams won't come true and this was Beth's situation. She had a shitty life, a shitty family and a shitty future... So can she or can't she change that and dare to dream of a new life?


People like Beth build walls and never let them down but what happens when someone is attempting to let your walls down over and over and over again?

People who make me feel are worse. If I don't feel, I don't hurt


Ryan is one of those guys who apparently has a perfect life. But, what is perfect? Have you ever think about the meaning of perfection??? Being perfect means doing what YOU think is perfect or doing what OTHERS think is perfect for your life?

How many of us will have the courage to be ourselves regardless of what others think?

What will happen when perfect Ryan and imperfect Beth collide? Go read this book and find out.
Euphoria (Book Boyfriend, #3) - Erin Noelle
I wasn't planning to read one more book about the same characters but I need to know what happens next! Scarlett, guapa, I really hope you behave this time!


Starry Knight - T.A. Webb

I loved it BIG TIME.

We are arranging a BR for this series starting next week, if you guys want to join pls go to our BR thread. I am gonna give away books 1, 2 & 3!


Review to come.


What happens when two broken men collide?

Marcus Prater has spent the last two years of his life existing, ignoring his friends and family because remembering hurts too much. Benjamin Danvers, running from ghosts of his own, has separated himself emotionally from the world. Neither man needs anyone.

When these two men collide again, one life hangs in the balance. Will it break them, or provide more healing than either man thought possible? Friends come together, brotherhood is confirmed, but will it be enough?
How to Kill a Rock Star - Tiffanie DeBartolo
***FIVE GODDAMN STARS - With some 'milkshake secret recipe' on top!***

'Dreams can change histories and songs can alter destinies'


How do you review a book like HTKARS??? Seriously, if you guys have read this gem, can you let me know how to do it without embarrassing myself?

Let’s try… I had seen this book on GR for a while and I always thought it was just another book about a Rock Star so I wasn’t really interested, not my cuppa anymore. But then, some of the best buddies ever told me to read it. They promised this was something else, different, way better than any other Rock Star book so I decided to give it a try. I was reluctant at the beginning, I thought it was just one more love story and that’s it but there was something else. For starters, the writing style is so damn special, like reading poetry. Just plain amazing! So I kept reading and I soon started to fall in love with the characters.

I promised myself I am not going to spoil anything in this story, just gonna tell you guys what’s this one about but that’s it. I am just gonna beg you all to read it and experience this by yourselves.

This book tells us the story of Eliza, a young woman who is kinda lost and doesn’t know what to do with her life. She’s passionate about music and after a very lucky encounter she gets a good job that will change her life forever. And that’s why she crosses paths with Paul. That’s it, I am not gonna talk about the story anymore. I know that might not be very attractive but I hope I can convince you with my pics and with some random thoughts that this book awakened in me.


Have you ever wished you were somebody’s Sharona??? Not literally, but have you ever wished you were THAT special person for someone? Well, I have.


People tend to think that because you are in a relationship everything is unicorn and roses. People tend to think like is black and white but guess what? Life is also GREY. One day you might think your life is perfect the way it is but then one day you might want to change things. And there’s no one to blame, you just know you or your half need a change, right?

And then sometimes when you are down and you think life is not smiling back at you, there is a person who you think is just one more person but they might become something else.


Back to the book. Do you know what I loved about this story? There is no good ones and bad ones. They were all HUMAN. And yes, we human make mistakes, it’s not the end of the world. I am TIRED of super perfect heroes and super bad antiheroes. NO! Life is not like that. Some authors need to learn from Tiffanie DeBartolo as just a few authors made me believe in characters the way she made me believe in these ones.


And then, there are moments in life when you just can’t help but accept your feelings, even if you know you are gonna get hurt because it doesn’t matter, you just need to feel, to love, to give… no matter what.


And yes, we all LIE sometimes. What? Have you never ever lied to the person you love? I did. And it sucks and you hate yourself for doing that (I am not talking about cheating just in case you guys are freaking out) but you just did it and even though is not okay you have to deal with what you’ve done, whether is right or wrong.


I know, my review does not make any sense at all, right? I seriously can’t say anything else because I want you guys to read this without knowing anything about the story. It was so goddamn special that I will re-read this one soon because I already miss them.

P.S. Loring, I & LOVE & YOU. That is all. I wish I could spend the rest of my life touching the ‘Y’ of your YALE pants.


June 24, 2013



500 Miles (An MLR Mixed Tape) - Parker Williams

Five hundred miles is nothing...


Awwwww, this book! My sweet God, this book was great!

500 Miles tells us the story of Mark & Jase. This is the blurb so you can have an idea because I don't really want to spoil anything for you guys:

Since he was fourteen, Mark knew he loved Jase, his brother Eric's best friend. As Jase and Eric leave for the Army, Jase leaves Mark something to hold onto, but when the two men are shipped to Kuwait, things change when Jase tells Mark he's met someone.

Confused and hurt, Mark is left to wonder what happened. Eric returns, but with devastating news - and needing Mark's help. Can Mark help the man who broke his heart? Or will he let Jase push him away - for the second time?

Even though my amiga Bev says she doesn't love 500 Miles by The Proclaimers, I absolutely LOVE that song and it was great listening to this while reading this short story.

So, do you want to know if Mark is able to open his heart to Jase again? Trust me, you do want to know because it will be so worth it. You are going to love this story. Mark is so lovable and so is Jase but I felt a special connection with Mark. I totally understood all his reactions, I wanted to hug him and tell him everything was going to be fine. And then Jase... OMG Jase, I love you! That is all...

I sure will be reading more from this author. I loved the characters, the writing style and I am happy because this book put a huge smile on my face.

Breathe Me In  (Ross Siblings, #2.5) - Cherrie Lynn


This is how you write a prequel!!! SI!!! ME GUSTA!


Amig@s, do you remember Ghost? Yeah, Brian's friend. That's the one. That guy who got a book called [b:Leave Me Breathless|15748335|Leave Me Breathless (Ross Siblings, #3)|Cherrie Lynn||21440678]. Oh yeah you all loved Brian but guess what? I liked Ghost way more!

You all know by now that I HATE SEQUELS AFTER HEAs, they are so bloody BORING! Buy guess what? I love PREQUELS! And this one, boy this shit was GOOD!

Macy aka KILLJOY is Candace's best friend but she's trying to sell herself as a very boring and conventional person. Then she meets Ghost and even though he's not her cuppa AT ALL she feels attracted by him. DUH! I am attracted to him too.

Let me tell you a personal story. My mama always tells me to go out with clean underwear as if I wouldn't do it if she didn't tell me! Anyway, I now understand why she used to tell me that... Because one day I can go out to buy dinner and I can find Ghost and then I might or might not go to his car to have *cough* dirty sex *cough*. I am gonna call my mum to say THANKS for that advice, she's a naughty mum, huh?

Oh well, back to the book... You are going to read about what happened BEFORE Leave Me Breathless and someone might take your breath away so be aware.

It's a very short read and you are soooo gonna love it!

Take Me On - Cherrie Lynn

I can't wait for this one!!! December can't come soon enough!!!



God-Shaped Hole - Tiffanie DeBartolo

“You wanna know how to make God laugh?. Tell him your plans”


Dear Diary,

Yes, I know. I usually write in Spanish but guess what? I am making this entry public. Why, you ask? Well, I want to review a book and this one felt so personal that I wanted to tell you how I feel after reading it.

This book… Nope, not this book. This author… OMG, holly hell this author!!! She’ll make you change your life, she’ll make you believe this life is worth it, she’ll make you FEEL. How important is that? How many people read just because they want to FEEL something?

That quote about making plans? So fitting! And so true, right? I love it how we all make our plans but sometimes that upper hand is just laughing at us because we can make as many plans as we want, that won’t mean they will happen.


This book tells us the story about Trixie & Jacob. Jacob puts an ad on the newspaper because he wants to meet someone ‘special’ and Trixie reads it and she decides to call. Crazy, huh? Sometimes you just need to do crazy things to be happy and Trixie did the right thing because having someone like Jacob in your life is one of the best things that could happen to a girl.

”We are all searching for something to fill up what I like to call that big, God-shaped hole in our souls”

I don’t really want to spoil this one for you, I am trying to express my emotions about books when reviewing, instead of giving away too much info and specially with books like this one. I want everyone to go blind. To experience. To feel!

Tiffanie has the power to create the BEST heroes EVER! Ok, they are not the hottest guys with the best 6 pack but who needs that? Seriously! I want special heroes, intelligent ones, loving ones, I don’t need two hotties falling in love just because. And Tiffanie knows how to deliver this.

This is a journey about having a relationship, about appreciating what life is giving you, about living every single second, about understanding, about happiness and over all this is a book about love.


There is nothing else I could say without spoiling the story so I will shut up now. But I beg everyone to read Tiffanie’s books. They are the BEST. EVER.

You can’t wait forever for something, and then say it’s too late when the time finally comes

Listen to this song while reading this, PRETTY PLEASE! As Jacob would say, ‘A good song can save your life. Don’t ever forget it.’

Keep going ladies, ALWAYS keep going! That is what this book is about… Enjoy the ride!

PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THE SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T READ HOW TO KILL A ROCK STAR & GOD-SHAPED HOLE . So, you remember MY Loring??? Yes, MINE. Ok, you remember on page 366 of HTKARS when Eliza sees him with a girl? Yes, that girl who made jewelry? I know, right? Loring & Trixie are TOGETHER!!! Go back to HTKARS and read from page 366 onwards and enjoy the crying!!!

THANKS DAWN & SHARON for making me read this one, I owe you BIG TIME. x
Sins & Needles - Karina Halle


Sins & Needles… I guess the title says it all, right?

Are you going to read about Sins? Oh yeah!
Are you going to read about Needles? Si!

Ok, I know there are GREAT reviews about this book so I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Oh well, sweet is not a word I should use in my review…

I always try to learn something from the books I read. Yes, also from the porn ones I read! Back to S&N, I learnt you can’t steal things that are not yours because then you are in troubles! Ellie, come on, where were you that day while your teacher was explaining that to you? I know, I know, your parents weren’t the best example but come on!

So ‘con artist Ellie’ is back into her home town after a few crazy years. Once she’s back in town she crosses paths with Camden, an old friend from school. Actually, her only real friend.

Friends are dangerous liabilities when you’re a grafter. They’re dangerous liabilities,period.

But Camden is not the same Ellie remembered. He’s all grown up, hot and with a brilliant life, apparently. He has a tattoo parlor and he’s an artist.


Ellie’s life hasn’t been easy and of course it isn’t easy now. She is just living with her uncle for a few days until she can get a job and live on her own. This is her plan but life always has some surprises for us, right?


I don’t want to really spoil anything for you. It was an amazing roller coaster, I never saw some things coming and I still loved it. Is this a love triangle? Mmmmmm, I wouldn’t say that but well, it might be.


Did I feel the chemistry between the characters? Oh yeah and I loved it! This was not like any other romance book just about two people falling in love. I am not even sure this is just romance, this is way more than that. As my buddies say this should be a movie!

I really hope you guys give this one a try, I bought it like ages ago and never found the time to read it. I am glad Pavlina & Mona made me read it because it was sooooo worth it.

And about Teams and all. You guys know I always support all latinos but Javier, papito, there’s NOTHING I can support about your behaviour. But I should say I like your eyes and I might read your book to know what’s on your mind.

All of you who already read the book, pls read the spoiler. If you haven’t read this book do NOT read the spoiler PLEASE!

There’s no way she’s ending up with Javier, ladies. On the acknowledgments at the end of the book, Karina thanks someone called Scott who is her hubby/boyfriend. She says he is her CAMDEN so that’s pretty clear, right? She will want her Ellie to end up with someone like her Scott.

Anyway, I really hope the below is the ending of Shooting Scars. Well, maybe not that far but this is how I want to see E&C in the future…

Brokeback Mountain - Annie Proulx

Review to come.

This is the first time I like the movie more than the book...

Playing to Win - Jaci Burton

Nothing special, it was an ok read. Hot characters but the plot is very similar to the previous books. Predictable but enjoyable.
Damaged Goods - Lauren Gallagher


Jocelyn & Austin are Damaged Goods. She's a divorced mom of two in her thirties and he's a escort in his late twenties.

Jocelyn hates dating and all that boring stuff that precedes a one night stand so she decides to follow her friend's advice and hires a escort. Enter Sabian, hot and tattooed and a sex machine. He worth every single penny she is paying for him and he makes her feel desired.

Even if she didn't plan to see him more than once, she just can't help it and she keeps hiring him but their feelings get more and more intense every time they meet.

And so... they cross a line.

It was much too soon to know what was happening between us, but much too late to deny that it was. This wasn't business anymore

But guess what? Being with a escort is not that easy, right? I admire Jocelyn, I mean, I could NOT do that, hell to the no! Insecurities will eat me alive, NOP!

I must admit I had one tiny issue: They're together for one year while he's still a escort. I really wanted him to quit earlier. I mean, he says he loves her, why is he not trying to get another job? I know, I am talking like a granny here but honestly I just couldn't do it.

In general, I really enjoyed this book and will highly recommend you guys to read it. I loved the characters (apart from that tiny issue with Austin). Specially Jocelyn, I think this is the first time I don't find a heroine a little bit annoying.

This book taught me that there is always hope for love even if you think you're Damaged Goods.


P.S. I do NOT like the cover, at all! Thanks God I am not a cover whore...
Tangled - Emma Chase


So... what can I say about this book? You guys already posted great reviews! So I'll keep it sweet and short.

I am going to embarrass myself confessing this: I have writing that stupid thing down like a thousand times as in Rosalinda + [insert a random name here] forever.

Ok, embarrassment over, I must say I loved this book! It was JUST WHAT I NEEDED after [b:Me Before You|12649718|Me Before You|Jojo Moyes||17763198].

Drew helped me to recover from my miserable self. And well, he was feeling miserable too so I guess we both recovered together, how romantic!

Drew is a womanizer who is happy with his life. He doesn't want to have a relationship, he wants to fuck them, leave them, end of. Until one night he meets Kate and he feels an instant attraction. She is just nice with him but that's it, she basically explains him she's on a relationship so she just ignores his flirting attempts.

What he's not expecting at all is finding her next day in his office as his new colleague because she is his competition now and even though he wants her badly, he wants his job even more, right???


This book is hilarious, sexy, intelligent and HOT AS HELL! If you need a quick and funny read, then go for it and enjoy some advices from Drew and his lovely niece.

No guy talks to his friends about sex with his girlfriend. Ever

Awwww, you see? He's sweet too. Go buy and read this awesome book!
Cry Little Sister - Parker Ford



What do you think about siblings falling in love?
Should they deny what the feel just because they're blood related?
As you know, I love reading about incest and even though I haven't had any relationship with any members of my family, I kinda think that LOVE IS LOVE and you simply DON'T CHOOSE who you fall in love with.

Cry Little Sister tells us the story about Jordan (JoJo) & Gareth. They are siblings but they can’t deny the attraction they feel for each other. Jordan has been out of town for a long time and she’s now back because their father passed away so she’s coming home for a few days.

When Jordan arrives at home she finds her hot as hell brother in a compromised situation and she starts questioning herself about her feelings for her brother, she needs to stop it but Gareth is not helping her at all.

“ Wow you are hungry”
“And dirty. I’ll be back”
“Nothing wrong with dirty”

But then, when they’re catching up on things Gareth tells her they might not be brother and sister…

Days go by and they both can’t deny what they feel, I swear the author makes you feel an incredible chemistry between them. And I understood them, I mean, you never choose who you fall in love with, right? Love is all even if the other person is blood related to you.

“Night, JoJo. I’m going to do the right thing and leave now. But maybe next time you’ll let me help you with that”.

They want each other but they also know being together is something the society won’t approve. They want to wait until they have DNA results to prove if they are siblings but… are they going to be able to wait or would they succumb to passion no matter what?

You’ll need to read the book to find out. I am not gonna say if they have sex before or after knowing DNA results but let me tell you this book had, hands down, the best sex scenes I’ve read in my life.


That was a mouth she'd been staring at for twenty some years. A mouth that had teased her and whistled for her at the dinner hour and kissed her cheek before Junior prom. That was now a mouth that had crushed down on her own and bullied her mouth into blissful submission.
Naughty Bits - Selena Kitt
This has my name all over it. Thanks Christy! ;)

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